When requesting a commission please be aware that art and design take time, space, energy, resources and skills to produce. These are the things you pay for.

There may be projects already in process, this will be taken into account during the preliminaries.


1. Your idea. What do you want? When do you need it by? Consultation and preliminaries. Two or three sketches are gratis to establish subject and composition in consultation with you the client. This is not an endless process and the sketches (please note NOT the concept or idea) remain property of the artist, and can not be used for financial gain. For example, you may wish to have a drawing of a piggy eating a carrot, you will retain this intellectual property and can do with it what you wish, but the artist retains the preliminary sketches as they are gratis.

2. In process. When the concept and time period are formalized two drafts can be produced. The first will shown to the client, adjustments suggested and then a second draft can be produced and again shown to the client. IF needed a third draft can be produced but this will cost extra in both time and money. These drafts can be presented to the client for keeping if they so wish.

3. The final product will be produced and present to the client in a physical or digital format upon completion of payment. Completion of payment requires the client to acknowledge that the work has taken place, a product has been produce and re-payment of funds is now no longer possible.


The client owns the intellectual property pertaining to the original concept, the subsequent drafts and the final product, ie. your carrot eating piggy is all yours on completion of payment. If payment is withheld then the drafts and product are also withheld. The artist owns the original sketch work and retains the right to display with a credit the finished artwork in their online gallery purely for portfolio purposes without any view to financial gain from the work itself. I can not and will not use your carrot eating piggy for my own purposes.


There is a flat £50 (British Sterling) fee when the drafting stage is agreed on. This is paid up front and covers additional costs for materials, possible printing costs and postage and packaging should be taken into account.

A further £10 an hour ( 4 hours standard working day, Monday - Friday) is charged in addition to the flat rate.

The final product may cost additional fees (in case further costs such as extra materials or large postage fees) BUT they are agreed with the client before hand with full consultation and costs in this area are considered and if needed kept to the absolute minimum.