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Saturday 15th April 2017


the reading pile isn't getting any smaller.



Saturday 08th April 2017


It's been over a month and I've not made a lot of head way. I've revised the intros to my vlogs, read Civil War 2 (which was excellent) sorted out a lot of crap and quasi launched a few ideas.

Need to keep this up, oh gods I need to catch up on my CC reviews as well!



Monday 06th March 2017

Read Black Science: Godworld

It's volume four in the series and I ordered it a while ago, and one handbook on a Samsung Galaxy 7 later (don't ask) I got it, devoured it in one sitting and I am away to go.

Got BPRD Vol# 1 Plague of Frogs as well, turns out I got the big meaty volume collection which I am fine with but means I have to get shut of the trade I got a while ago as the next big meaty volume collects that as well.

I'm thinking of starting an Ebay shop for comics.



Friday 24th February 2017


Still not the pant browning film but a comic improving in leaps and bounds :)




Thursday 23rd February 2017

chew, the last mouthful.

That's not what volume 12 is called, It's "Sour Grapes".

I'm scared I'm going to wind up in tears at the end of this 60 issue journey...that I've been buying in trades...but yeah, explosive emotional output.

Looking forward and dreading this at the same time, so cognitive dissonance to max!



Friday 17th February 2017

go for a swim in the Gwenpool

Meta fun..




Thursday 16th February 2017

Cthulhu phtang..gaminginginnn...whatever

Love Lovecraft? Love this! It's great.

Need to read something for my own jollies soon as well, going a bit doolally.




Monday 13th February 2017

Wolverine is a girl...

And that is cool!




Thursday 09th February 2017

justice leeeeeaaaague...

Better than expected good stand alone issue.




Tuesday 07th February 2017

Assembling a review...

This is one for the wants list!




Tuesday 07th February 2017


Nuther review up, loving that I can use links on this now!




Monday 06th February 2017

D Maul in da howuuuus!

CC review going up!

Now I can do links! Woot!

Next, pictures!




Monday 06th February 2017

Avengers have finished assembling

Finished the run, excellent, even the crossover stuff. Weakest material was the Bendis stuff at the start but it wasn't bad, in fact it was a refreshingly bog standard superhero story and ideal for anyone interested in more Avengers stuff off the back of the movie.

Well worth it.



Monday 06th February 2017

right, here's...

A review of Box Office Poison, It's excellent and the trade will be mine!




Friday 03rd February 2017


Completed my run of Avengers Assemble and it's really good. It's a standard Avengers book but when you've read a bucket of heavy stuff this comes as a welcome relief.



Sunday 08th January 2017

Second post of the year

Still reading Chris Ware's Buildings, reviewed about two comics a day for CC and feeling burnt out all ready.

Started watercolour painting but as ever hard to maintain momentum. Got a shit load of articles to read saved up as well, hoping it might lead to a vlog.





Tuesday 03rd January 2017

OK Buildings

Going to try reading that again, got the Wanted volume of GOTG today, from Waterstones. It's weird the way you feel a little stigma buying comics from there unless they're in black and white and had to be translated from Polish.

I'm not saying I was made to feel bad but you just know in your geeky little heart that the guy (who went to university to get that job) is judging you for buying a pop comic.

He isn't (maybe) but the nagging feeling is there. Still prefer buying my trades from hmv.



Sunday 25th December 2016


Well I completed my JMS Thor run, got Vol 2 of Detective Comics and The Oath. Looking forward to reading them.



Thursday 22nd December 2016

testing a link

here's the link


right there



Tuesday 13th December 2016

Captain America Allies and Enemies...

This was a decent anthology of short stories orbiting Cap' n' Co' the highlight of which was a Batroc Ze Leaper story at the end which added layers to an otherwise ridiculous character, the low point was a WW2 story with Peggy Carter and Casp' acting like an asshat for some odd reason. Kathryn Immonen tells a good tale but doesn't land Cap' very well, still not enough to break the trade though.

Have to get back to Username: Eve soon as well.



Monday 12th December 2016


So I'm typing this mainly to test the new code I've put in the page.

Let's see if it works.



Saturday 10th December 2016


I've figured out why I'm not into Batman in the same way I used to be.
I enjoy a lot of Marvel characters, including Iron Man. He's probably the nearest analogue to Batman.
Now bear with me...

Years ago I was a Bat but, the best title was Legends of the Dark Knight. Because it showed the flaws in Batman. More importantly it showed Batman overcoming them. These days he's always considered "the most dangerous man in the world because he's a master of everything" and that's fine for a story or two and a giggle when he's in the Justice League but it's dull when issue after issue he's a good version of Darth Vader.

Iron Man is deeply flawed and overcomes those flaws to save the world everyday, and that's quite interesting, more so than ole' dark n' pointy anyway.



Friday 09th December 2016

Mr Sandman...

Sandman Mystery Theatre, love this series, bitter sweet forties noir with a blend of superhero and a hint of realism. Could do with catching up on it properly and I'm not looking forward to Matt Wagner leaving.

Wonder what he's up to these days?

As an aside...

The Spider-Man Homecoming trailer was the most I've been excited over a Spider-Man movie in forever.

I'm currently watching The Dark Stranger which is a film involving comics and not a bad little thriller.



Tuesday 06th December 2016

couple of reviews...

Weirdly on a similar theme. Futuristic shenanigans, one was utter crap the other was great. Go to Comic Crusaders to find out which.

I need to learn how to format the text in these things as well.



Monday 05th December 2016

Right then...

Currently watching and enjoying the Dr Strange flick, weirdly.

Also...I do have the Legends of Mouse Guard book 3 so I need to think of something else for wifu to get me for Christmas :)



Monday 05th December 2016

So it's the day after my birthday...

I thought I'd better start this...journal of a comic geek. Not a thrilling entry really, been to town, did the rounds had a nice chat with the lads at my lcsgot my ever dwindling pull list "The New Avengers". Final issue, bloody good fun, superhero meets superspy meets mad science in a plot so twisted and adorable, just read it, Marvel actually know how to make fun comics. Did a round of the other shops, narrowly avoided an uncomfortable encounter in one, bought " International Iron Man" from hmv and "All New All Different Avengers" from Water stones. I like buying comics from none geek shops, I think it comes from the days when there weren't that many and they were the shop of choice. I think I may fart about with my site and do some reviews later. As an aside I also picked up the Dr Strange TV movie from donkey's years ago, looking forward to a good laugh later.




15th January 2017

Third post of the...oh fuck it here's a Faith Manages I did for CC...

The Importance of a Good Number One


Doctor Fate #17

TWO New videos for the site and I need to get some more reviews up from over Comic Crusaders soon to!

Sheriff Of Babylon.

Comic Crusader Reviews are up!


Four Colour Celluoid is up!

Captain America Civil War!



Starfleet Academy #5


Princeless: Make Yourself #1

I intend on doing a blog for Action Labs soon!

Sunday, 10-Apr-2016

Comic Crusaders Reviews for...

Bombshells #36

The Wicked and the Divine #18

Tuesday, 29-Mar-2016

BvS Dawn of Justice review is up!


Tuesday, 22-Mar-2016


Monday, 14-Mar-2016


Varying variations on a variants.


Sunday, 28-Feb-2016

First Four Colour Celluliod is up!


Friday, 26-Feb-2016

New review up on Comic Crusaders Invisible Rebuplic #9


Wednesday, 24-Feb-2016

Reviews are up on Comic Crusaders!



Tuesday, 16-Feb-2016

Well here's a new blog about comics in superstores...


Sunday, 14-Feb-2016


Fist Full of blood #4 Zodiac Starforce #4

and a coloum on Comic Crusaders here Faith Manages: Too Many Words

AND a Geekism Podcast featuring yours truly!

Sunday, 07-Feb-2016

Short, sharp punch in the blogs this time!


Tuesday, 02-Feb-2016

Right then, NEW SITE UP! Well a polished version of the old one that I'm actually happy with.

I've refined the gallery, added more to this editorial page and basically organised myself.

So I hope you enjoy it!

Latest V-Log is up!

OK here's some reviews I did for Comic Crusaders

Deadpool The Musical #1

Deathstroke #14

The Unbeatable Squirell Girl #4

Latest Blog is up!

Frank Miller is not the gimp DC.


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